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City of Brevard Sports Complex
824 Ecusta Road, Brevard, NC. 28712

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For facilities issues, call Public Works at 828-884-2171

For enforcement issues or to report an aggressive dog, call the Brevard Police Department at 828-883-2212

For park updates, see the Dog Park Facebook Page


Designating an area where dog guardians can allow their animals to run off-leash successfully remedies this problem in parks where the concept has been introduced. Violations of the leash law and subsequent public complaints have decreased; and dog guardians have a place to legally exercise their pets. Off-leash areas allow dog guardians to be law-abiding, easing the burden of enforcement on animal control officers and freeing them to do more important work, such as animal rescue and control of dangerous animals.

From The National Parks & Recreation Service booklet, Planning Parks for Pets —

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